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Recent IoT Work

iot fuel sensor

A commercially available product that continuously measures fuel flow in boats and calculates the highest speed for the least amount of fuel and displays it in a phone app.

Firmware development for Nordic nRF51822 BLE-based module and hub development for Intel Edison and AWS IoT.

adafruit feather fona

IoT product currently in development.

Built with the Adafruit Feather 32u4 FONA, uses a GSM cellular module to send and receive GPRS data to connect to AWS cloud as well as send and receive SMS messages.


Types of Projects We’ve Delivered

  • IoT hub
  • Automated text message alert sytems
  • Text message marketing systems
  • Large scale email systems
  • Internationalization
  • Survey engines
  • Billing apps
  • API integration
  • Format conversions
  • Scalable, multi-threaded systems
  • E-commerce
  • Credit card processing
  • Scheduling apps

Technologies, Platforms, Frameworks

  • C++
  • Embedded C
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • MQTT
  • Intel Edison
  • Nordic
  • Twilio
  • Python
  • Ajax
  • Alexa Voice Services
  • AWS IoT

Extra Goodness Included In All Our Work

You benefit from extra expertise baked in to everything we do.

  • Agile / SCRUM
  • Business finance, marketing, entrepreneurial expertise
  • User experience


You get 5-star results from us because you will be working with experienced, credentialed experts with a track record of successful projects delivered on time and within budget.


Marine IoT product

Software develoment; consulting

Entertainment product

Site migration, resolve issues with Chinese characters and firewall in China


Artificial life software; Localization for Europe


How We Are Different (Not the Usual Coders)

You get the benefit of solid business expertise and credentials we bring along with our tech expertise.

You get better results from tech people who have a business mindset. That’s because quickly grasping business objectives and understanding business dynamics translates to your bottom line.


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Annette Walker is an engineer and MBA. A veteran of Amazon.com and various start-ups, she has shipped much code and many products. She can often be found creating things and taking apart electronic stuff at her local maker space.

Randy Walker is a Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science. A Certified Scrum Master and experienced coder, he has a successful track record of shipping software products and web apps. He also has a BBA in Finance giving him a valuable combination of technology and business savvy.