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Cloud Computing

We use AWS. The cloud is a game-changer but you probably already know that.

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Flying In the Face of Uncertainty

A favorite thought comes from the book Think Like a Rocket Scientist: Simple Strategies You Can use to Make Giant Leaps in Work and Life in the chapter “Flying In the Face of Uncertainty”:

The path, as the mystic poet Rumi writes, won’t appear until you start walking.

The secret is to start walking before you see a clear path.

Start walking, even though there will be stuck wheels, broken drills, and exploding oxygen tanks ahead.

Start walking because you can learn to walk backward if your wheel gets stuck or you can use duct tape to block catastrophe.

Start walking, and as you become accustomed to walking, watch your fear of dark places disappear.

Faster Time To Market

Speed matters. Rapid development, prototypes, MVPs.


Rapidly changing technology presents opportunities. Sometimes we invest in ourselves. Sometimes we partner with others.

A Few Past Jobs and Clients


About Us

We bring a wealth of experience as founders, investors, tech and business operations.

We are located in the Seattle, Washington, USA area.

Co-founder Annette Walker is a veteran of Amazon.com, having worked on the Order Management system, the start of enabling third parties to sell on Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon. An MBA and engineer, she is has been with various start-ups, she has shipped much code and many products. She can sometimes be found making things and taking apart electronic stuff at her local maker space.

Co-founder Randy Walker is a Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science. A Certified Scrum Master and experienced coder, he has a successful track record of shipping software products and web apps. He also has a BBA in Finance giving him a valuable combination of technology and business savvy. He has worked at Empresis, Payscale, Who's Calling and other companies.