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The 3 Most Important Channels Today: Search, Social & Mobile

To reach customers you need to be where they are. Your website is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a cost-effective ad that runs 24/7. It should do more than just sit there.

When people have a question, or want more info, what do they do? Most likely, they Google it. Or, they ask their friends on Facebook.

More &  more, they’re doing this from their smart phone.

Leverage these channels to improve your business.

This year, more people will use mobile devices than PCs to get online.

According to Google, 40% of people have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

Here’s what we did for Hale’s Alehouse recently.

        Before         After
Hales Alehouse before Hales Alehouse mobile optimized site

A bad mobile experience can cost you customers.

How would you like to turn on the power of mobile marketing and bring in new and high paying customers?

With a mobile optimized site, you won’t miss out on lost sales.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Seamless & Automatic

[Info_Box] Visitors to your site will automatically see the site best formatted for the device they are using. A person on a phone will see the mobile optimized site on the left. A person at a laptop will see the site on the right.

A mobile-friendly site and a “full” site live and play well with each other.[/Info_Box]

Bottom line: many of your customers are mobile.

Get Found in Search with Search Engine Optimization

People are using the Internet right now to look up local information.

When people want info, they Google it.

Move up in the search rankings & you’ll pop up on more searches.

You want to be listed above your competition. Effective no matter how consumers access the Internet: on laptops, desktops, smartphones, iPads or tablets.

According to Google, 1 in 5 Google searches is for local information. That’s a lot of searches.

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we put your business in front of customers. The Internet is the “new Yellow Pages.”

Talk to us about getting listed.

Keep ’Em On Your Site

Leave … bail … bag it … pack it in … whatever you call it, the fact is people leave sites that are hard to work with.

A site that is slow to load, is not thumb friendly, requires scrolling, pinching and swiping makes it difficult.

Did you know that iPhones and iPads do not display Flash, yet many websites with Flash content are served up and  and slow to load. That’s really a killer when Flash is used for navigation or key information.

Are you putting key content into PDF files that require a download and then exit from your site to open up the file (if they stick around that long)?  A common mistake restaurant owners make is allowing their graphic designer put their menu into a PDF file. The menu they have put so much time and thought into.

People are so outta there and move on quickly.

Show the right stuff. Interactive maps, tap to call buttons, quick, easy to access menus, business hours are just a few examples.

Make it easy for customers to find your business … make it easy for them to be a customer … and use mobile marketing to keep them coming back.

Keep ’Em Coming Back

Keep customers coming back.

Mobile coupons, VIP clubs, SMS marketing and other nifty technologies will bring traffic in the door. Dining room not full? Send out an SMS campaign advertising a special deal.


Why Mobile Matters

smartphoneTraditional ad solutions are losing their effectiveness as more and more people use their phones for info.

[Info_Box]Today: The smartphone has achieved critical mass. Currently, there are 90 million smartphone owners in the U.S.[/Info_Box]

September 2011: two-thirds of all smartphone owners shopped on their phones, including comparing products and prices, searching for coupons, taking product pictures or locating a retail store.

Businesses without a well-developed mobile strategy are not only missing a tremendous sales and profit opportunity with these customers but also risk becoming obsolete in the minds of their digital target market.
Source: comScore Inc., Dec. 5, 2011

For the three-month average period ending in September, 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices.
Source: comScore Sep 2011

“You’ve got 3 billion handsets and only 1.25 billion PCs…” Source: Matt Cutts of Google at SES Conference & Expo